Local definition 6: Surface temperature data

Octets Key Type Contents
41 localDefinitionNumber unsigned ECMWF local GRIB use definition identifier. 6 = Surface temperature fields made from SST and SSMI data with first-guess values inserted on land points.
42 class codetable Class
43 type codetable Type
44-45 stream codetable Stream
46-49 experimentVersionNumber ksec1expver Version number or experiment identifier. (4 ASCII characters, right justified)
50 Zero.
51 Zero.
52-54 dateSSTFieldUsed unsigned Date of SST field used; YYMMDD
55 typeOfSSTFieldUsed unsigned Type of SST field used: 0 = climatology 1 = 1/1 degree SST data 2 = 2/2 degree sat data
56 countOfICEFieldsUsed unsigned Count of ICE fields used (N, say)
57-59 dateOfIceFieldUsed unsigned Date of first ICE field used; YYMMDD = zero if missing.
60 satelliteNumber unsigned First day satellite number (ICE data)
61-63 Date of second ICE field used; YYMMDD = zero if missing.
64 Second day satellite number (ICE data)
65-67 Date of third ICE field used; YYMMDD = zero if missing.
68 Third day satellite number (ICE data).
- ...
56 + N*4 Date of Nth field used; YYMMDD = zero if missing.
57 + N*4 Nth day satellite number (ICE data).