Local definition 26: MARS labelling or ensemble forecast data (with hindcast support)

Octets Key Type Contents
41 localDefinitionNumber unsigned ECMWF local GRIB use definition identifier. 26 = MARS labeling or ensemble forecast data (with hindcast support).
42 class codetable Class
43 type codetable Type
44-45 stream codetable Stream
46-49 experimentVersionNumber ksec1expver Version number or experiment identifier. (4 ASCII characters, right justified)
50 number unsigned Ensemble member number. Control forecast is number 0, perturbed forecasts ar-nne 1.
51 numberOfForecastsInEnsemble unsigned Set to 0, if not an ensemble forecast. Otherwise, the total number of forecasts in an ensemble; the number includes the control forecast.
52-55 referenceDate unsigned Reference date (YYYYMMDD)
56-59 climateDateFrom unsigned
60-63 climateDateTo unsigned
64 Spare (set to zero).