Local definition 27: Forecasting Systems with Variable Resolution (Obsolete)

Octets Key Type Contents
41 localDefinitionNumber unsigned ECMWF local GRIB use definition identifier. 27 = Forecasting Systems with Variable Resolution
42 class codetable Class
43 type codetable Type
44-45 stream codetable Stream
46-49 experimentVersionNumber ksec1expver Version number or experiment identifier. (4 ASCII characters, right justified)
50 perturbationNumber unsigned Ensemble member number. Control forecast is number 0, perturbed forecasts are 1-nn.
51 numberOfForecastsInEnsemble unsigned Number of forecasts in ensemble
52 oceanAtmosphereCoupling unsigned Ocean Atmosphere Coupling
53 Spare
54-55 Padding
56-59 legBaseDate unsigned Leg base Date (in format YYYYMMDD)
60-61 legBaseTime unsigned Leg base Time (in format hhmm)
62 legNumber unsigned Leg Number
63-66 referenceDate unsigned Reference date (YYYYMMDD)
67-70 climateDateFrom unsigned Climate date - from (YYYYMMDD)
71-74 climateDateTo unsigned Climate date - to (YYYYMMDD)
75-107 Spare (set to zero)