Local definition 11: Supplementary data used by the analysis

Octets Key Type Contents
41 localDefinitionNumber unsigned ECMWF local GRIB use definition identifier. 11 = Supplementary data used by the analysis.
42 class codetable Class
43 type codetable Type
44-45 stream codetable Stream
46-49 experimentVersionNumber ksec1expver Version number or experiment identifier. (4 ASCII characters, right justified)
- Details of the analysis which used the supplementary data
50 classOfAnalysis unsigned Class of analysis
51 typeOfAnalysis unsigned Type of analysis
52-53 streamOfAnalysis unsigned Stream of analysis
54-57 experimentVersionNumberOfAnalysis ksec1expver Version number or experiment identifier of analysis. (4 ASCII characters, right justified)
58 yearOfAnalysis unsigned Year of analysis (YY)
59 monthOfAnalysis unsigned Month of analysis (MM)
60 dayOfAnalysis unsigned Day of analysis (DD)
61 hourOfAnalysis unsigned Hour of analysis (HH)
62 minuteOfAnalysis unsigned Minute of analysis (MM)
63 centuryOfAnalysis unsigned Century of analysis
64 originatingCentreOfAnalysis unsigned Originating centre of analysis
65 subcentreOfAnalysis unsigned Sub-centre of analysis
66-72 Spare (set to zero)